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Prime Home Solutions

We are the #1 home Improvement company in Northern California!


Prime Home Solutions has been in the home improvement and energy efficiency industry for nearly two decades. We have the knowledge to help you save the most.


Clean up your home’s dirty energy and become more energy efficient, helping decrease use of water and reducing pollutants for a cleaner environment, while lowering utility bills.

Energy Leader

Our industry is constantly changing, but we can change to evolve with it to ensure we have the highest trained staff in the industry. We don’t rest until we are sure you are getting the most efficient equipment available for your needs and budget.

Professional Windows And Door Service

Prime Home Solutions Energy Efficient Windows Placer CA Energy-efficient windows and doors can make more of a difference in your budget than most people realize.

Did you know that heat gained and lost through windows accounts for 25% – 30% of heating and cooling energy use in residential buildings? In other words, if your windows aren’t locking out heat, you’ll be spending too much to maintain the temperature in your home.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options to update your doors and windows. At Prime Home Solutions, we’re dedicated to making every home more efficient. Get in touch with our team of experts today for a consultation — we’ll install new doors and windows that are better for the environment, and better for your budget!

Benefits Of Replacing Your Windows

The benefits of installing energy-efficient windows in your home go beyond saving money.

Prime Home Solutions Energy Efficient Windows Placer CA Modern, eco-friendly windows are insulated against cold and heat. So, you can keep your home cool in the summer without turning on the air conditioner because your windows will lock out the hot temperatures. In the winter, your windows will hold warm air in, so you don’t need to run your heating system on high.

Beyond that, the benefits of replacing your windows and doors with energy-efficient upgrades include:

Better storm protection. Insulated windows with reliable storm shutters will prevent leaks, cracks, and storm damage in any weather, saving you the cost of repairs.

Opportunity to earn tax credit. California homeowners who upgrade to more efficient technology, including doors and windows, may be eligible for a tax credit.

Long-lasting durability. Expertly-designed and installed windows and doors are made to stand up to anything! With a new window or door installation from Prime Home Solutions, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs for years.

A more comfortable home. Running the heat and air conditioning in your home doesn’t just get expensive — it’s also a pain! With better quality windows and doors, you’ll be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, day and night.

On top of all that, you can feel good about cutting down on your home energy use! Efficient windows and doors are an easy way to make your home more sustainable.